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As survivors, we know first hand the debilitating pain and trauma of gun violence. 

And we have met and spoken with countless other survivors who have experienced this heartbreak.

We can stop shootings before they happen.  We can heal trauma and prevent retaliation.

We can empower our community peacemakers and co-create a strong, fully-scaled system of community-centered public health and safety. And we can build Peace For DC.

What your support helps fuel:

  • $50 = one Life Coaching session

  • $75 = an honorarium for one DC Peace Academy student for 1 day to support their transportation, childcare & food

  • $100 = a one-hour teaching session at DCPA

  • $200 = a Chromebook and computer classes for one DC Peace Academy student

  • $300 = an honorarium for one DC Peace Academy student for two weeks

  • $400 = full Life Coaching sessions for one DC Peace Academy student

  • $1000 = full Wellness sessions with a LCSW for one DC Peace Academy student

  • $10,000 = full tuition for one DC Peace Academy student

  • $10,000 for chromebooks and digital literacy classes for a full cohort of participants; these skills are fundamental for helping these individuals get on a path to success

  • $15,000 to help participants’ family needs including diapers, school supplies and sports equipment for their children

  • $30,000 Roca’s Rewire CBT classes for a full cohort of individuals to teach healthy behavior patterns to heal trauma and break the cycle of violence

  • $40,000 to help participants afford safer housing and help participants temporarily relocate from unsafe living conditions

  • $50,000 build out and maintenance of a robust data management system to track our progress and continually revise and improve

  • $75,000 pro-social/extracurricular activities/field trips for participants many of whom have never been out of their neighborhoods, in order to help expose them to other pathways in life and reasons to be hopeful

Your support is very important to our work at Peace For DC. 100% of your donation is tax deductible.  

Our federal tax ID number, or Employment Identification Number (EIN), is 88-4223372.

Checks may be mailed to Peace For DC - 2030 Q Street, NW - Washington, DC 20009

To discuss major gifts or underwriting of a substantial community investment, including adding Peace For DC to your will, or if you have any further questions, please contact us at

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Help us build our Life Transformation initiative!

Investing in wrap-around care for the small number of people at highest risk of being perpetrators or victims of violence is the fastest way to drastically reduce homicides and shootings in DC. This program costs $35,000 per person, per year, but the return on investment is greater than 44 to 1 compared to just one homicide, and 22 to 1 compared to just one nonfatal shooting!

life transformation graphic Peace For DC Model for 360-degree Transformation Care

Become a 1st Chance Sponsor! ($175K over 5 years)

Multi-year commitments of $35,000 annually (for a minimum of five years),
can provide one high-risk client with the 360-degree care they need to put
down their guns and transform their lives. Join us in giving community
members that have never been given a chance, their first.

Image of a plaque for a tree remembering the fallen.

Let's Give Everyone A First Chance

With your investment, we can reduce homicides, treat trauma, and transform lives. We can work with individuals who are not just at risk but in crisis, and help them to stay alive, stay out of jail, and get on a path where they are not in crisis but are able to develop a healthy peaceful life, and become the next changemakers, the catalysts for peace in their families and communities.

Now is the moment.

We are at a critical moment in the District. The number of homicides and shootings continue to rise, and along with it, the number of families devastated by gun violence.  We have an opportunity to turn things around. We cannot wait.  One murder is one murder too many.

Peace For DC Community Gathering
Man admiring mural of young victim in DC

Everyone in DC has the basic human right to live in safety and PEACE. 

We can’t keep doing the same thing again and again and expect different results. We can’t keep 
hammering away on a government heavy model for alternative public safety. Communities don’t want to be handed their public safety plan. It’s about going deeper, embracing community, powering up narrowly focused evidence-based community-powered solutions. And reaching the right people with the surgical specific care and treatment - for their trauma - for their future. 


Thank you for making an impact and being a part of creating Peace For DC.

Peace For DC Community Members Saying Thank You and Holding Up a Peace Sign
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Peace For DC Community Gathering around a mural of young victims and their families
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