Strengthening the violence intervention workforce 

Individuals working day-in and day-out to stop violence have the potential to be nothing less than superheroes: but only if they get the training and support that they need. If we want to see better outcomes, we must invest deeply in the personal and professional development of our brave peacemakers and create the best workforce and practices in the Nation. 

Philanthropic investments will enable us to build the ecosystem of individuals and organizations working most closely with those at highest risk of being perpetrators or victims of violence.

Our flagship DC Peace Academy is up and running. Funding by the generosity of early donors, the Academy equips DC’s essential peacemakers with the skills and resources they need to successfully mediate conflicts and engage one-on-one with those at highest risk of being perpetrators or victims of violence. Our first cohort  graduated in August.



Proven therapies for holistic change

Trauma fuels the ongoing cycle of violence in DC, but existing models of care do not reach the most impacted individuals or neighborhoods. Moreover, victims, survivors, and their loved ones have few options when looking for providers who look and sound like them and understand their background and pain.

Peace For DC is committed to delivering innovative trauma and mental health care to victims and survivors of violence.  Drawing on proven models, we have developed a strategy to deliver best-in-class clinical care in the neighborhoods with the highest homicides rates. The current system of government care and services is not fulfilling our obligation as a city to help break the cycle of trauma for our most vulnerable residents.



For many, this is not a second chance, but a first chance at a life free of trauma and full of hope.

We believe that with the right strategies and opportunities, everyone can change their life. But changing behavior and transforming lives is a long-term process that requires dedicated and sustained programming and care. 

Peace For DC is investing in this change. We want to provide long-term life coaching, case management, wrap-around services (housing, education, substance use care, job readiness, etc.), cognitive-behavioral therapy and other support to empower individuals to break the cycle of trauma, retaliation and violence and create healthier, happier, and more prosperous futures for themselves and their families. 

Philanthropy will enable us to:

  • Launch Neighborhood Hubs that bring together community-based organizations and service providers in a coordinated effort to reach, engage, and transform the lives of the highest-risk individuals. 

  • Provide 360-degrees of care to 50 high-risk individuals annually, growing our reach to 200 by year five. 

  • Provide participants with direct cash assistance and other incentives to remain in the program. 

  • Provide ongoing independent evaluation of the program.



Reimagining a community-powered system of public health and safety.

DC has a rich network of dedicated community violence intervention workers who are best positioned to heal
community trauma and engage with the highest risk individuals. Peace For DC is shifting power and resources to these community-based organizations, creating a new system of  public health and safety that operates with as much training and strategic planning as traditional systems of public safety.

As part of this mission, Peace For DC has begun hosting Peace Nites - bringing stakeholders together and moving DC forward. Peace Nites are opportunities for DC’s Peacemakers - students, alumni, co-founding organizations, staff, instructors, and guest lecturers of the DC Peace Academy as well as others working in DC’s violence intervention field- to come together to learn and network.


So far Peace Nites have included an amazing line up of local legends and experts, including: Tony Lewis Jr. teaching about social justice, organizing and advocacy; Dr. Roger Mitchell showing a movie and leading a discussion about Fred Hampton; a star-studded panel discussion about restorative justice and community healing with MaMa Ivy Hylton, Princess Taylor, Tia Bell & Ryane Nickens; Tyrone Parker and Jo Patterson sharing their deep wisdom; Raisa Martinez from the David Lynch Foundation teaching about Transcendental Meditation; learning about social media and the role of drill music with Ameen Beal and Jovan Davis.


One attendee who works in the field commented, "Finally, someone has brought us all together, a place to talk and share information. It's progress toward a better model of public safety."

Peace For DC is proud to serve as a convener and coordinator for the boots on the ground Peacemaking heroes. By investing in community-based organizations and providing training, strategy, and coordinated action, we can change longstanding dynamics and save lives. Together, we can reduce gun violence right now.


Helping the public understand the issue, uplifting the voices of survivors and frontline heroes

Peace For DC was founded by survivors and advocates, and we are dedicated to standing up for survivors and peacemakers, educating the public on evidence-based strategies to reducing violence, and urging our local leaders to do all that is possible to Keep DC Alive.

Highlights of recent activities include:

  • #KeepDCAlive sign-on letter

  • Testifying at 10 DC Council Hearings in support of funding for violence intervention work, staffing and authority for the Director of Gun Violence Prevention, and implementation of the NICJR Strategic Plan for Gun Violence Reduction

  • Hosting a forum in April on The State of Violence Reduction in DC: the Data, the Plan, the Healing

  • Producing a powerful social media campaign directed at educating the public and building support for how we can invest in peace to #KeepDCAlive

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